HOTT Noir Deodorant 200ml

Noir, a classic fragrance that comprises of all the natural essences that treat your skin just right. This unique fragrance from the Hott 200 ml collection is focused on offering a strong earthy and rustic fragrance blend. Belonging to the Oriental Leather family, Noir has a dedicated set of three notes that release a whimsical aroma when combined. The top note is dedicated to a floral blast that includes rose, sweet and cotton for tender and blossoming freshness. The blend of Muguet, jasmine and vanilla in the middle note creates a subtle and sweet scent for the perfume. The base note is prepared with some earthy essences including woody, cedarwood, and civet that leaves a rustic end aroma. Whether you need a burst of freshness on the go or a long-lasting splash of perfume that stays all day long, Noir from Hott is the ideal pick for you.

Green Tea Konjac Bath Sponge

Korean Beauty’s must-have Konjac Sponges have just been mixed to a whole new level. Beautiful antioxidant-rich green tea has been incorporated into these cleansing and exfoliating facial sponges.

Bamboo Charcoal Konjac Bath Sponge

Packed with mineral-rich charcoal powder, this Konjac Sponge with Bamboo Charcoal deep cleanses pores to eliminate blackheads and dirt whilst absorbing excess oils and toxins. A natural antioxidant, it kills stubborn acne-causing bacteria and is an effective treatment for spot-prone skin.


Harmonize your space with the blend of creativity and art of inspiration. This dining table is a beech-wood legged table

ACHAAR Homemade Bibi Aayesha’s Achar


Siratul Mustafa (English Translation) – 3 Vol

Author: Maulana Idris Kandehlawi A comprehensive biography of The Messenger of Allah (May Allah bless him and grant him peace)

Hott Sea Weed Deodorant 120ml

The Hott Sea Weed perfume spray variant from the House of Lyla Blanc is one of the many spicy variants from the brand. It is categorized under the Spicy family. The notes are a blend of spicy and mellow ingredients to get the right balance of the aroma. The top note consists of basil, coriander, and artemisia that offers a strong spicy scent. It is followed by more subtle middle notes that include clove, cumin, and chamomile. The final notes are patchouli, vetiver, and oakmoss that leave a pleasant and zesty scent. This perfume spray comes with a cost-effective price tag, making it an accessible option for all. A simple splash of Hott Sea Weed perfume can keep your fresh and energetic all day long.

Naughty Girl Hola Deodorant 200ml

A perfect amalgam of citrusy and floral elements, Hola is a women’s deodorant from the Naughty Girl’s 200 ml collection. Coming from a Citrus Floral family, Hola has a complete blend of citrusy essences that helps in sweat control and floral elements that release a pleasant and refreshing fragrance. The top note is entirely dedicated to citrusy components including orange blossom, mandarin orange, bergamot and lemon that seamlessly control sweat and leaves a citrusy fragrance. The middle note is focused on floral fragrances that comprise of jasmine, lily of the valley, rose and geranium. For a unique end aroma, the base note has blended tonka beans and amber with benzoin and cedar. If you are looking for a daily perfume that holds back the sweat and offers an enchanting fragrance, get your hands on the all-new Hola women’s deodorant by Naughty Girl

Lyla Blanc Perfume Ultraviolet Women 100 Ml For Women

It is impossible for women to go outside without using a perfume. What you look for in a good perfume is the characteristics of scent that matches with your personality. ULTRAVIOLET perfume with the fresh and tangy top notes of plum, peach and citrus followed by the pleasant and stunning middle notes of orchid and mimosa that makes it an impressive feminine fragrance scent that defines the modern women of today. The uplifting and lively base notes of amber and vetiver expresses the sensual nature and the incomparable freshness that engulfs you. Triclosan formula of ULTRAVIOLET perfume negates the sweat problem and makes this fragrance best for daily use.

Lyla Blanc Perfume Fleur Essence Women 100 Ml For Women

Be the enchantress with FLEUR-ESSENCE perfume. The alluring and sumptuous top notes of parma violet, cassis and hawthrone creates a magical feminine fragrance followed by the elegant and sumptuous middle notes of orange flower and rose which are mystical in nature making you the centre of attraction and the heartthrob of him. The rich and seductive combination of base notes like vanilla, opoponax makes this powerful perfume a truly special one for women with romantic undertones. The FLEUR-ESSENCE perfume evokes the senses of everyone around and grabs the attention of all like no other perfume. It is full of beauty and charm and resists the sweat with the special Triclosan formula

AFZAL Non Alcoholic Golden Dust Deodorant 200 Ml

When was the last time you were challenged? This bold and heavy GOLDEN DUST deodorant is a popular Arabic fragrance that provokes the deepest emotions in an intense manner. This powerful deodorant with the Triclosan formula keeps the sweat at bay and it is ideal for strong characters with soft hearts just like its composition. The metallic woody top note is dense and the hint of oud presents an earthy aroma that ignites passion and the desire to succeed. Use this non-alcoholic deodorant of GOLDEN DUST and steal the attention at all occasions.

AFZAL Non Alcoholic Saffron Oudh Deodorant 200 Ml

Engulf yourself with the uplifting Arabic fragrance of SAFFRON OUDH deodorant. This sweet and fruity deodorant with mystical balsamic top notes is like a treasure to feel luxurious and rich. The Triclosan formulation used in this non-alcoholic deodorant helps in sweat control and the long-lasting effect of the fragrance is wonderful and enthralling. In this excluisve Arabic scent, middle notes are comprised of vivacious jasmine and orange blossom which are delightfully sumptuous. This elegant SAFFRON OUDH deodorant has the warmth of vanilla as a base note which senses like a lavish treat when sprayed on the body.

AFZAL Non Alcoholic Jameel Deodorant 200 Ml

Afzal Signature Jameel is an alluring perfume variant from Afzal Signature. The ingredients of this perfume spray combine citric, floral and earthy components that give Jameel a strong yet pleasant rustic aroma. Infusing lemon and bergamot, the top note gives a burst of fresh critic aroma. The middle note greets you with a pleasant flowery fragrance combining rose, jasmine and geranium. The base note infuses musk, amber, vanilla and oudh, leaving a pleasantly earthy aroma. Afzal Signature Jameel is a long-lasting and exquisite perfume that comes from the fragrance family of Oriental. This rich and exotic perfume spray variant is suitable for both, men and women. Suitable for all occasions, just a splash of premium Jameel perfume can set you apart from the crowd.

AFZAL Non Alcoholic Rahama Deodorant 200 Ml

Rahama is a luxurious perfume from Afzal Signature that offers an exquisite fragrance with the power to captivate your senses. Belonging to the Floral family, each note of Rahama is soaked in floral and earthy essences that keep the freshness intact. The top note is a floral amalgam of peach, ylang ylang, and orange blossom that provides a soothing initial aroma. The middle note is composed of carnation, jasmine and rose that further accentuate the pleasant fragrance of the perfume. Musk, moss and sandalwood are those earthy elements that form a rustic base note and formulate the final base of this exquisite concoction. Whether you choose to gift it to a loved one or adorn it for an evening party, Rahama is the ideal splash of luxurious fragrance and floral freshness on the go.


A TANDOORI BIRYANI MEAL KIT Includes all the necessary ingredients to turn a traditional biryani into a ZOK TANDOORI SMOKED BIRYANI. All you have to do is add in your fresh ingredients. Biryani Spice, Biryani Rice, Easy Biryani Mix, Indian Food


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Sophia lipsticj by BNE

A luxurious, richly pigmented lipstick that adds a flush of velvety opaque colour to the lips that lasts all day - Halaal Ingredients

Fiery Red Premium Set

Fiery red tasbeeh set with Quran markers for him and her with FREE matching scarf pin

Club de nuit milestone

Club De Nuit Milestone by Armaf which is a unisex fragrance that can be enjoyed by men and women. n

HOTT Boih Deodorant 200ml

The Hott 200 ml collection is dedicated to unique fragrances that offer a splash of freshness with great sweat protection. Boih is one of the rustic and earthy fragrances from this unique collection that is prepared with a unique amalgam of floral and woody essences. Boih belongs to the Leathery family; the reason behind its earthy fragrance. The top note is a perfect blend of citrus and fruity elements that comprise of artemisia, caraway, coriander, juniper berries, basil, and bergamot, releasing a strong and striking odour. The middle note is dedicated to an exceptional infusion of spicy and floral ingredients that include carnation, leather, chamomile, pepper, jasmine, rose, pine tree needles, and geranium, offering a lasting fragrance. The base note comprises of some earthy essences that make the perfume rusty enough to last long. Amber, patchouli, musk, oakmoss, vetiver, cedar, and tobacco contribute to the rustic base note.

Sally Williams Nougat Moroccan themed box

Sally Williams nougat Moroccan-inspired gift boxes 150g. Available in;
  • Macadamia nougat
  • Almond nougat
  • Cranberry & almond nougat
  • Gift box containing all three variants (set of 3)
Exclusive to Halaal Souk.

Oceanic Pearl set

This Premium pearl set includes 5 x pearl 33 bead tasbeehs 1 x Qur'an marker 1 x Scarf pin

Lyla Blanc Perfume Royal Touch Gold 50ml

Royal Touch Gold from the house of Lyla Blanc is a premium perfume that can be worn by both, men and women. An exquisite blend of Orange Blossom, Tuberose, and Vanilla in the top note is what gives this perfume its luxurious fragrance. The middle note that tones Plum, Peach, Raspberry, Musk, and Mirabelle Honey further effuses an earthy scent. Once the effect of the first and middle notes are condensed, what’s left is a mellow flowery scent that comes from the final note comprising of Bergamot, Basil, Jasmine, Carnation, Heliotrope, Magnolia, Gardenia, Lily of the Valley, Orchid, Marigold, Rose, Leather, Patchouli, Sandalwood, Cedar, Styrax, and Oakmoss. The rich concoction of such aromatic ingredients offers a fresh and elegant scent, giving you a lush and affluent feel all day long.

Naughty Girl Namaste Deodorant 200ml

Naughty Girl has been known for its unique range of deodorants that infuses natural essences in its notes to offer a long-lasting fragrance. Naughty Girl adds this new deodorant in its 200ml collection that comprises of a unique amalgam of citrusy and earthy essences. Belonging to the Oriental Spicy family, Namaste has bought together citrusy fruits and earthy elements to create a deodorant that offers great sweat control along with an enchanting fragrance. The top note contains all the citrusy components including bergamot, rose, jasmine and muguet for an aromatic initial blast of freshness. The middle note with its berry, orris and geranium produces a fruity odour that helps in keeping the freshness intact. Patchouli, musk, and amber are the earthy elements that make the base note ideal for a rusty end aroma.

Lyla Blanc Perfume Royal Touch Silver 50ml

With a surprising blend of ingredients, Royal Touch Silver from the house of Lyla Blanc is a long-lasting and versatile perfume. The high note infuses Oakmoss, Coriander, and Rosemary that offers an earthy-mossy aroma. The rustic fragrance continues to the middle note that perfectly blends Cedar, Tobacco, Musk, and Amber. Adding a refreshing twist to the fragrance, in the end, you get a splash of green note that blends mint, lavender, and sea-water. Whether you are out for a party or heading to work, this all-purpose perfume can be worn anytime by both genders. It is the ideal amalgamation of a rustic and elegant aroma that is bound to add charisma and individuality to your overall personality.

AFZAL Non Alcoholic Sharar Deodorant 200 Ml

Afzal Regal, Sharar is an alluring perfume variant. A strong rich concoction of exotic aroma gives this perfume variant a pleasant and rustic aroma. At first, you are greeted with a fresh fragrance of the first note that includes fruity, bergamot and pineapple. The middle note blends saffron, geranium, and violet that gives a burst of flowery fragrance. The base note is a combination of patchouli, nagarmotha, and amber that that leaves a pleasantly earthy aroma in the end. Whether you are looking to wear it on a daily basis or for a special occasion, Afzal Regal, Sharar can be adorned anywhere and at any time of the day. From the fragrance family of Floral Woody, this premium perfume spray is suitable for both, men and women.

AFZAL Non Alcoholic Abiyad Musk Deodorant 200 Ml

This bold and beautiful ABIYAD MUSK deodorant is a modern fragrance which combines agar wood and sandalwood as its top notes followed by the precious lemon and exotic lavender as other notes. The charming and alluring effect is magical and it is certain to get you compliments. This Arabic fragrance is non-alcoholic with the Triclosan formula for sweat control making it the best deodorant for summer use. The intense and heavy hitting fragrance lets you feel refreshed and lively at all occasions. Turn heads with the loud and lasting effect of ABIYAD MUSK deodorant.

AFZAL Non Alcoholic Musk Dirham Deodorant 200 Ml

The pleasant fragrance of MUSK DIRHAM deodorant creates a soothing atmosphere which you can enjoy all day long. This exhilarating deodorant helps you beat the summer heat with the Triclosan formula which is really helpful for sweat control. The floral top note of Green hyacinth and the powdery and musky notes enliven and stimulate your senses. Feel the gentle breeze of the garden refreshing you, be calm and do what you do best with the non-alcoholic MUSK DIRHAM deodorant. Explore the long lasting and charming effect of best Arabic fragrance.

AFZAL Non Alcoholic Dehnal Oudh Deodorant 200 Ml

DEHNAL OUDH deodorant is a truly remarkable and desirable Arabic fragrance for summer with its unparalleled longevity and energy. This deodorant with Triclosan formulation for sweat control is a delightful and relaxing experience. The agar wood oud as the base note is known for its refreshing and rejuvenating characteristic which makes it the best choice for summer days. This lovely deodorant is known for creating a positive vibe that fills you with enthusiasm and life. Indulge yourself in the non-alcoholic deodorant of DEHNAL OUDH and enjoy the summer season.

Kitab al adkhar

Description n n Product Description n n The Book Of Remembrances [Kitab al-Adhkar] – By Imam Yahya ibn Sharaf an-Nawawi


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AFZAL Non Alcoholic Noor Deodorant 200 Ml

Symbolizing the splendour of regality, Noor is a perfume variant from Afzal Signature, Noor. It belongs to the fragrance family of Oriental. The ingredients of this perfume are dominated by rustic components that are pacified by mellow compounds, giving it a unique scent. The top note combines moss, vanilla and orris giving out a strong earthy aroma. With the middle note, you get a floral aroma that comes from the blend of lilly, rose and balsamic. The final note includes sandalwood, cedarwood and oudh that leaves a soothing earthy scent at the end. The blend of rustic ingredients in this perfume variant is what gives its fragrance a royal character. Perfect for any occasion, Afzal Signature, Noor is a unisex perfume that is bound to accentuate your personality.

AFZAL Non Alcoholic Laylatul Jumat Deodorant 200 Ml

LAYLATUL JUMAT deodorant is an Arabic fragrance made for bold and the confident. Brace through the day with the rejuvenating and revitalizing deodorant made with Triclosan formula to beat the sweat in the summer season. If you are looking for long-lasting fragrance, this non-alcoholic deodorant is strong, lively and rich enough to keep you fresh, good and relaxed the whole day with its enhancing and stimulating effect. The woody and musky note of LAYLATUL JUMAT deodorant gives it warmth and depth that is appealing and enchanting at the same time.

AFZAL Non Alcoholic Taj Al Arab Deodorant 200 Ml

Commit to the love of your life with the extravagant and royal Arabic fragrance of TAJ AL ARAB. This deodorant made up of choicest and most precious ingredients is a wonder that fascinates and captivates everyone around you. If you are going for a date or a romantic evening, this fragrance deodorant will surely mesmerize your love. The unique combination of floral and rosy top notes and woody and musky notes creates an aura of affection and intimacy which is unbelievable. The Triclosan formula used in TAJ AL ARAB is best for sweat control and it is a non-alcoholic deodorant.

Digital tasbeeh counter

Prayer beads are used by many individuals of various faiths and beliefs. They are used in large religions that include Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity, and Islam. * This Tasbeeh counter is used for dhikr or zikr, which is the remembrance of Allah (SWT). Short dua and prayers are recited repeatedly to remember Allah (SWT). * Using this digital counter will help you in your daily life and impact many aspects of your daily life that you would not otherwise think of. You will use it every day to help you focus on what is most importance and give thanks to all that you do have. * Just like traditional beads in a string format, this digital Tasbeeh Counter becomes your personal and beloved item. * It is very well designed and offers LCD statistical reading of your count. It automatically powers off and the counter can very easily be cleared to zero. * It is light weight and beautiful to hold and can make for the perfect gift for your loved ones during any stressful time, Ramadan, or on any special day! It is incredibly easy to use and will be great for you, your mother, your friend, or any other cherished one. With each purchase, you will receive one brand new, genuinely packaged, digital tasbeeh counter of your choice! If you have any questions please feel free to reach out!

Lyla Blanc Perfume Live Wire Men 100 Ml For Men

The sassy and spontaneous perfume of LIVEWIRE is a modern-day perfume encapsulating the playful and free-spirited men of today. The thrilling and exciting top notes of lemon, cardamom and black pepper evokes the fun, frisky and celebratory sensation and its powerful aroma swirls around you. The alluring and delicate floral middle notes of agrestic along with the opulent blend of tonka, amber and patchouli as base notes are sensual in nature providing a cool and exuberant aura that is simply refreshing and energetic. This unique, light and fresh fragrance of LIVEWIRE is a class apart for all occasions and seasons.


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Trendy Blue set with metal tassles and a Quran | book marker

This set includes 3 x 33 glass bead in black with metal tassle and One black with red Qur'an marker

Hott Blizzard Deodorant 120ml

Hott Blizzard from the House of Lyla Blanc is a lasting and fresh perfume spray. It is boasted with fruity, flowery and rustic ingredients. The top notes include orange, aromatics, and galbanum that offers intense yet a pleasant flowery fragrance. Furthermore, rose, geranium, and lavender in the middle note offer a very subtle flowery scent. The bottom note comprising of patchouli, moss, amber, and musk exudes a flowery and warm aroma. While primarily the ingredients are floral, the addition of rustic ingredients including musk and moss gives the perfume a soothing finish. Hott Blizzard is a perfume spray from the family of Floral. The deodorant is ideal for any occasion and can be adorned by both men and women alike.

Great women of islam

DescriptionnnProduct descriptionnnThis book is about the life stories of the Mothers of the Believers and 16 other Sahabyat who had

AFZAL Non Alcoholic Mukhallat Oudh Deodorant 200 Ml

Thrive at occasions like parties, celebrations and night outs with the strong fragrance of MUKHALLAT OUDH deodorant. This Arabic fragrance is very sweet and charming yet not overwhelming. The tantalizing sweet notes of rose, patchouli and vetiver are in harmony surrounding you with a heavenly aroma that creates a sense of wonder and excitement. This non-alcoholic deodorant has the special Triclosan formula that controls sweat in the summer season and lets you feel clean, cool and confident. Drape yourself with the intense fragrance of MUKHALLAT OUDH and leave everyone awe-struck.

Hott Drift Wood Deodorant 120ml

Hott Drift Wood by the house of Lyla Blanc is a perfume spray for people who like a dark, natural, and spicy scent. Hott Drift Woood is categorized under the Woody Spicy family. There is a fusion of dark and subtle ingredients to create a perfect and balanced fragrance. The top notes combine neroli, mandarin, bergamot, grapefruit and lemon that exude a strong citrus scent. The middle note is all about the spicy blend with nutmeg, black pepper, cinnamon, and cardamom. The final note combines guaiac wood, cedar wood, and lashings of cedar; these strong ingredients are sweetened by musk and vanilla. This strong lasting fragrance can keep you feeling fresh all day long. It comes at a reasonable price and is suitable for both men and women.

Maria lipstick by BNE

A luxurious, richly pigmented lipstick that adds a flush of velvety opaque colour to the lips that lasts all day - Halaal Ingredients

Lyla Blanc Perfume Intense 100 Ml For Men

Be the one who sweeps her off the feet With INTENSE perfume. Turn many heads with the sensual and fine top notes of jasmine and plum combined with the splendorous middle notes of orris and peach which is enthralling and sensational, perfect for the romantic evening. This intense perfume has majestic and glorious base notes of cedar, myrrh and coconut that lets you enjoy the limelight and leaves her spellbound. The super awesome fragrance is made up of Triclosan formula which controls sweat like no other perfume and is long lasting in nature. Feel fresh and be ready to seduce with the throbbing effect of INTENSE perfume. This fragrance with a superb masculine scent can be used for every occasion.

Lyla Blanc Perfume Retro 100ml

Retro, a unique variant from the House of Lyla Blanc is a classic fragrance that will take you back in time. There is an unconventional blend of interesting notes that give it a unique scent. The high notes consist of raspberries, oranges, rose and agarwood, exuding a strong and sophisticated aroma. Then comes another unique blend of middle notes including pepper, mimosa, and leather accord that offers a sweet and warm fragrance. The last notes comprise of Ylang Ylang and Benzonia that leaves a sweet and flowery aroma. This fusion of interesting ingredients leaves you fresh and energetic throughout the day. This perfume spray can be used by both men and women on any occasion. Just a splash can add a touch elegance to your personality.

Sally Williams – 500g Ramadan Kareem Tub Macadamia Nougat

Soft honey nougat with roasted macadamia nuts, handcrafted according to the original Sally Williams recipe from the finest ingredients. Made in South Africa from local and imported ingredients.
Glucose Syrup (Corn derived), Sugar, macadamia Nuts, Egg White, Honey, Wafer Paper [Potato Starch and Vegetable Oil (Olive Fruit)], Flavouring, Corn Starch
Exclusive to Halaal Souk.

AFZAL Non Alcoholic Najah Deodorant 200 Ml

Creating a soothing fragrance with an amalgam of spicy and earthy ingredients, Najah is a luxurious perfume variant from Afzal Regal. Belonging to the Oriental family, Najah has infused some exotic spices and floral essences to create one of a kind fragrance. The top note soaked in saffron, clove and nutmeg gives a spicy kick to the initial aroma. Lilly, orris and jasmine are the floral elements from the middle note that perfectly produces a refreshing fragrance and subtly soothes the striking top note. The base note is dedicated to earthy components that together create a rustic end aroma. Amber, patchouli, agarwood and moss are those elements that are responsible for a strong, earthy and long lasting final fragrance.

Hott Coral Reef Deodorant 120ml

Hott Coral Reef from the House of Lyla Blanc is the ideal perfume spray to beat the summer heat. It belongs to the Floral Citrous family. Inspired by the marine, this deodorant is boasted with ingredients that are bound to offer a blast of freshness and energy. The top notes include bergamot, green apple and pineapple for a strong and pleasant fruity aroma. The middle notes exude a milder fruity fragrance that includes rose, jasmine and patchouli. The bottom note encompasses a surprising blend of rustic and fruity ingredients including musk, oak moss, and vanilla, giving out a warm aroma. It is a day perfume spray that can be adorned by both, the lads and the ladies. Additionally, it is long-lasting and comes at an affordable price.