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Quran Pods Pro

The air pods has the full Quran built in as well as other amazing content! Perfect for anyone on the go Pause/Play by pressing the button on the device itself or simply tap on the air pods as it has a touch sensitive feature to recognize this. Other than all the amazing content on the device itself, with Bluetooth capabilities the Quran Ear Pods can be connected to your cellular device as well for phone calls and media.

You Can Be The Happiest Woman In The World

Do you want to be happy? We are all looking for an escape from worry, stress and depression, and for ways to find happiness. The book presents the route to happiness in a nutshell, drawing on Islamic teachings and the voices of "experts" both western and eastern. So sit back, relax and read it from cover to cover, or dip into it a page or two at a time in between other activities in a busy life as a wife, mother, student or worker. You are holding in your hands a treasure chest of reminders that will help you learn important lessons and set you on the path to happiness in this world and in the Hereafter, insha 'Allah You Are Holding In Your Hand A Treasure Chest Of Reminders That Will Help You Learn Important Lessons And Set You On The Path To Happiness In This World And In The Hereafter, Insha’Allah

Treasures of Gifts for Muslim Women 2 vol

Men and Women hold equal responsibilities in the Sight of Allah. Both are accountable to Allah and would be strictly questioned about their deeds. Treasure of Gifts for Muslim women covers both private and common issues that a muslim woman would have. The book illustrates rules and additional information on Haidh, Nifaas, Salaat (Fard, Wajib and Nafl), Fast, Zakaat, Hajj, Injunctions pertaining Vows, Oaths, Hair, Etiquettes, Duas and many more. A great book for all muslim women

30 Ways to Happiness

Happiness, sought by billions but found by a few. Now, you have an opportunity to join this fortunate few. Introducing

Color coded loose paras

Color coded loose paras big words 9 lines gloss

Allah loves

Product Description In Allah Loves… Omar Suleiman explores who and what Allah loves so that we may become one of

A handbook of spiritual medicine

This spiritual guide to the self is a handbook of tazkiyah or ‘self-purification’. Not only does it illustrate the maladies

Etiquette of the learner

This work entitled Etiquette of the Learner, is extracted from Qadi Ibn Jama’ah’s major contribution to the literature of adab:
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